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Is the gender orientation of pearl necklaces only for women? No! Hiyman can tell you that men can wear pearl necklaces too! Also, pearl necklaces were originally worn by men. Although the current definition is different from the previous one. It is very trendy and fashionable for men to wear pearl necklaces these days. Pearl necklace on men can reflect another meaning of pearls. For men, pearls for men represent a dismantling and support of gender norms. Harry Styles wore a men's pearl necklace on the red carpet at the Met Gala, helping men get back their style. … However, the re-emergence of mens pearl necklace is refreshing.

The above is from the aspect of "pearl", followed by the aspect of "necklace". Most people agree that men should not wear necklaces. The necklace sounds like a soft feeling. Let us tell you that this is, in fact, dead wrong. Necklaces can also present positive energy and a sense of power. Therefore, men's pearl necklaces need to be recognized by the public. Don't care about other people's eyes, now this society needs everyone to stick to their own style! Get yourself a men's pearl necklace now!

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